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EZMed is an all encompassing one stop practice solution that enables you to consolidate your financial and administration requirements into a single, user friendly, intelligent mobile solution.


Along with various medical boards, for example BASA (Biokinetics Association of South Africa), PsySSA (Psychological Society of South Africa) and the like, EZMed and their holding company, ProfNet hosted a series of workshops and congresses throughout the country.

In order to promote their paperless concept, we designed a QR code that attendees could scan. They would then automatically be emailed the event material, as well as various information pieces about EZMed and ProfNet.

We promoted the events on social media and on the relevant associations’ websites.

Email Marketing

The contacts details of the attendees of the events, as well as anyone else who would scan the QR code, was entered into a mailing list.

We designed newsletter templates in accordance to their CI and created a series of mailers that would go out to all contacts. The contact list received newsletters on a regular basis.


EZMed needed help in getting their product known and trusted among medical practitioners in South Africa. They asked us to expand their website and optimise the user experience. We added additional menu items, more video content, and a blog section.

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