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OhMy.Health is the premier publisher of content covering medical science, lifestyle and technology topics relating to joint health and osteoarthritis.

OhMy.Health curates the best, most relevant news for the over 200 million people in the US and Europe who live with osteoarthritis and other joint conditions daily.

Brand Identity

When this client came to us they had an idea of what they wanted to do, but nothing more than that. They knew what their focus would be and who they hoped their target audience would be. They wanted to write an informational blog focussed on osteoarthritis and it’s causes, cures and home remedy tips. The audience they wanted to attract was women aged 45 and up, based in English speaking countries in Europe and America.

They asked us to come up with a brand name, register a domain that would suit it, and design a corporate image around that.

After a rather vigorous brainstorming session, we came up with OhMy.Health, which is also the domain we managed to secure for them. Their colours are a variation of soft pinks, black and white.

Website Design

The client was thrilled with our ideas and gave the go ahead for us to build their website. The site took the form of a blog news site with lots of white space. We wanted to create a clean, easy to read site without too much noise and clutter. It was important for the client that all the information was easy to find with a clearly labelled menu, and that the site radiated positivity.

We implemented Google Ads on the site in order for the site to generate revenue through adverts and sponsorship.


Before we launched the site, it was important to populate it with enough content. The client advised us on the specific topics they would like to include on the site as historic content. We hired ghost writers with relevant backgrounds to write articles on these topics. Once the client approved them, we added them to the site. We worked our SEO magic on the back end, and we were ready to launch.

Social Media

Once the site was ready and the client was as excited about it as we were, we set up social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. These were all set up to match the CI of the site, and we populated it with the content we had available. These social media platforms were then connected to the website for publishing.

We designed a series of social media posts and campaigns to announce the launch and to get traffic to the site. These campaigns were very successful and both the social media pages and the site soon became very popular.

Email Marketing

We set up a marketing automation platform that would capture the leads and send out prescheduled newsletters to new contacts as they sign up. We designed both the newsletter template and various different lead magnets encouraging people to sign up to the OhMy.Health newsletter. Newsletters go out on a weekly basis with content from the site.

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