Digital Marketing in South Africa Today

According to South Africa is listed as a developing country. For the local advertising industry this means that we still greatly rely on traditional media to communicate with consumers. Radio, television and out-of-home advertising are still preferred methods of reaching a large portion of the population.

This being said, digital marketing is on the rise and is enabling massive brand integrations.

Consumers are now exposed to more brands and news through digital marketing than ever before. Social media and easy-to-use internet search engines have mostly replaced traditional ads and telephone books.

Of South Africa’s 58 million people, only 31.1 million South Africans have access to the world wide web. And of those, only 28.9 million people use the internet on their mobile devices. Digital advertising in South Africa has grown much faster than the current global growth, increasing at a rate of 35%. Classified ads, for example, have seen 59% more interest when published digitally than when aired on TV or radio.

Although digital marketing has grown significantly, television, radio and out of home are still considered the most effective way to reach the vast majority of South Africans, due to high data costs affecting lower income individuals.

However, for higher LSM groups online marketing has provided companies with very effective advertising at much lower prices. It also allows companies to target specific niche pockets of consumers, which leads to much better results. Small businesses now have access to the same platforms as their giant counterparts, which levels the playing field against larger companies.

With the right digital skillset and a touch of creativity, SME’s and entrepreneurs can also have consumers flocking to their businesses. The key is to stay on top of the latest trends and developments of digital marketing strategies.